What Is Natural Shea Butter?

By Peter Albertonach

There are good reasons to use natural skin care products. The most important reason is that they use ingredients that occur naturally and are safe to use. Some naturally occurring ingredients are not safe to use.

Natural Shea Butter is both naturally occurring and safe to use, and is an extremely effective ingredient in the best skincare products. Lets spend a little time considering what Shea Butter is and why it's so important to use it on your skin.

Natural Shea Butter comes from the seed of the Shea Tree, which is a tree found in Africa. The fruit, or nut, is picked and then the seed is taken out and the oils extracted from the seed by means of pressure.

What results is Shea Butter and it is a very good food used as such in Africa. It is the oils from the seed of the tree.

So why is Shea Butter so good for your skin? It is a superb moisturizer because the oil is virtually identical to the oil produced by the skin itself in the sebaceous glands. So Shea oil is like using your skin's own moisturizer.

It also softens the skin and helps reduce inflammation, one of the more damaging skin conditions, and reduces scars and blemishes on the skin as well as brown spots or skin age spots.

It works extremely well on wrinkles.

When applied to the skin it is totally absorbed and there are visible and significant skin improvements within a month to 6 weeks.

The best Natural Shea Butter is cold pressed, just like the best olive oil is cold pressed, for the same reasons. It produces the real natural oil, free from any chemical additive that is added to the product during chemical extraction.

The worlds best natural skin care products use Shea Butter in their products and the results are truly exceptional. You can try their products risk free as well, because they offer a money back guarantee, something very rare in the skin care industry.

So I hope now you know why Natural Shea Butter is so good for your skin.

Find the worlds very best natural skincare products that include Shea Butter at my website. - 32001

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What Is The Best Way To Buy Natural Skin Care Products?

By Peter Albertonich

Are you looking to buy natural skin care products because you've become aware that many big brand skin care products may in fact contain dangerous ingredients?

Or maybe you've found out that natural skin care products work better than the big brands, so you've decided to buy natural skincare products instead.

Whichever reason it is you ought to be aware of some important things before you even begin to think about buying so called "natural" skincare products.

But it's true, gradually people are becoming aware that many skin care and anti aging products like moisturizers, face creams, night and day creams and so on contain ingredients that may in fact be bad for your health. That includes cosmetics and many other personal products.

Here's as short example, a recent study found lead in over 50% of big brand lipsticks tested. Scary eh?

So as a result there are many women who are looking to buy natural skin care products, cosmetics and more to find products that are safe to use.

But are all of these products free of suspect ingredients? No. There is no definition of what natural skin care is, and just because the word natural is used in the name is no guarantee that they will only contain safe ingredients.

And as well the FDA isn't required to test for any nasty ingredients in these products so it doesn't. That's why the problem with unsafe ingredients exists in the first place.

So there are products on the market labelled "natural" or "organic" which on testing have been found to have 1,4-dioxane in them. This is a product of petrochemical processing and is suspected of being a human carcinogen.

Does all that put you off? Don't despair, there are ways to buy natural skin care products that are both effective and safe to use.

Firstly find the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. And use that to see if any manufacturer of a product line has signed that Compact evidencing their commitment to making only products using known safe ingredients.

And you can search the Cosmetic Safety Database and see if any product is considered to have potentially dangerous ingredients.

If you do these two things you should be reasonably confident that the products are safe to use. But that doesn't tell you they work well.

So, next problem if you're looking to buy natural skin care products. How do you know they work well?

Without trying them there really is no way to know for sure. The best way is to try them. And if you try skin care products and they don't work for you you need to be able to get your money back, or you've wasted your money.

It's very difficult to get a guarantee on skin care products, natural or otherwise. But luckily there is one niche company that makes what I consider to be the worlds best skin care products, using only safe natural ingredients. They have signed the compact, have excellent products using only natural ingredients and offer a full money back guarantee.

So there's a few things for you to think about if you're seriously interested in buying natural skin care products. There are excellent organic skin care products around that are both very effective, and safe. But don't just assume because you see the word "natural" that they are safe, or work well.

Visit my website to find out who makes the best natural skin care products that are safe, effective, and guaranteed. - 32001

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Acne Scar Remover

By Erwan Go

Acne Scar Remover way to heal an acne scar is still unknown precisely indeed. In the sense of how acne scars remover forms new skin tissue with exactly the same skin properties onto different acne-scar wounds.

Dermatologist can tell that dirt plus dead skin may be mixed with the excessive produced oil of sebaceous glands which very soon becomes a very ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

Acne Scar Remover will remove dirt and dead skin cells preventing it to clog up the skin pores which may start further acne scar skin problems. Once it happened then one will have reddish blemish spots on one's face skin surface which is known as acne. As soon as the acne get heavy infections then one must start to apply acne scar removers to prevent further infections and to recover the skin condition.

The right choice of Acne Scar Remover should be able to remove non inflammatory acne scar that is close to skin surface i.e. blackhead and whiteheads acne. A certain kind of acne scar removal products might be used to remove inflammatory type of acne which is when acne is swollen up and very painful to the touch. The later may need some antibiotics help to suppress the infection. All of these kinds of acne are potential to leave scars as they go beyond the top layer of the skin.

Acne Scar Remover result varies from individual to individual since people have their own facial skin topology. A person with certain acne scars stadium case may achieve much satisfactory remedy compared to another person who have lighter stadium.

Still Acne Scar Remover treatment methods are to be applied on a case-by-case basis for its best result. Although there is ongoing researches done on Acne Scar Remover and how well it form the curing and healing process hence acne scars remover research are not final yet as new technology and inventions are found.

There is not a single Acne Scar Remover that works for every person with the same level of success result. So it is very much advised for one to talk to his dermatologist prior to use any acne scar remover's procedure or treatment to get the most benefit of it. Never ever to carelessly take available acne scars remover without knowing the risk and benefits. Or otherwise one may make the skin condition even getting worse. - 32001

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Here's 3 Great Healthy Skin Tips.

By Peter Albertonach

There's lots of women out there looking for great looking skin. And although they often don't realize it what they are looking for is healthy skin. Here's 3 healthy skin tips.

What you need to look and feel great is healthy skin, because healthy skin resists lines and wrinkles and other skin blemishes much more than unhealthy skin.

Healthy skin just makes you feel good about wearing it.

But so many women try so many different skin care products and other skin solutions without making the link. They never think that really what they are looking for is healthy skin. Because no matter how good your skin care products are you can't have great looking unhealthy skin.

So as I promised, here's my 3 healthy skin tips.

1. Get yourself healthy.

It may sound obvious but if you get healthy your skin will too, they're linked. If you are not healthy your skin won't be.

So all the things that you read about in the get fit stay healthy literature have an effect on your skin.

Good diet is important for skin health. Drinking sufficient water is important for your skin.

And believe it or not even more exercise will translate to better skin, because it improves blood circulation, which is important for good skin.

2. Avoid 2 of the worst things you can ever do for your skin.

What are the 2 worst things you can do for your skin? Smoking and sunburn. Both are just terrible for skin health and you can't have healthy looking skin if its burned to a crisp and you smoke.

3. Find the right vitamins for healthy skin and use them.

Without making a list here there are various vitamins and other nutrients that are very good for skin health. For example were sure you know all about omega 3 oils, who doesn't. But did you know that omega 3 oils are extremely good for your skin too?

Although it's difficult to get all the nutrients that are important for healthy skin there is a way to do it.

You need to be using the best natural skin care products.

So why would you need to be using great all natural skin care products? Because many mainstream skin care products can actually contain ingredients that may damage your skin believe it or not.

Science knows about a wide range of nutrients that are essential to great skin health, and the best natural skin care products contain these nutrients.

And the very best natural skin care products don't contain any ingredients that may damage your health or your skin.

There's no magic to great healthy looking skin. Follow some simple rules and not only will your skin thank you for it but you'll be healthier yourself and feel great, both generally and in your new skin.

Stay healthy and your skin will thank you for it. - 32001

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Keloids Treatment

By Erwan Go

Keloid is caused by a lump of damaged tissue at the site of a healed skin. A keloid is a hardened lesion and may fluctuate from red or pink to dark brown in color. Some normal scar removal techniques can inflame keloids so you have to find an efficient keloids treatment.

Keloids can arise spontaneously at the site of a trauma. The site of piercing cut and pimple can grow keloids. Infection at a wound site, intense acne scars, repetitive trauma to an area, and inordinate skin tension during wound healing also can result in the keloids grow.

The popular treatment for scars can eliminate or diminish all sorts of scars ranging from acne scars to keloids and post surgical scars. Instead of going through serious procedures, now you can abate scars using natural components. The actual fact about keloids is they will re-grow after being cut and could be bigger than the original.

To eliminate keloid scars, most of the people use surgical method such as:

Cryosurgery - a keloid removing method that freezes the skin and effectively develops an area of localized frostbite. It is usually in conjunction with monthly cortisone shots. The expansion of the original scar usually can be triggered by shots into keloid.

The radiation Treatment - the usage of electron beam radiation at certain degrees will not pierce the skin deeply enough to hurt internal organs. Radiation treatments can reduce scar growths if they are used quickly after a surgery while the wound is healing. Radiation also can stimulate dry skin and the most frequent negative effects of radiation exposure are vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and urinary problems.

Biologically Heal Keloid Scars, you can heal your keloids from the comfort of your own home now. To gently diminish keloids and revive the looks of healthy skin you need to use biological ingredients. - 32001

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A Nearly Magic Oil: Calendula for Many Reasons

By Kelly Smith

Calendula flowers have a long history of use in traditional medicine, with the beautiful flowers being soaked in oils to extract their medicinal qualities. Now, advanced technology in the field of botanical extracts has created the first Calendula essential oil, with an incredibly strong concentration of the therapeutic components of the flower. This essential oil, known as a Total Supcritical Critical Carbon Dioxide Extract, is very easily used by both natural health practitioners and by mothers using aromatherapy as a natural healing alternative in their home. A large body of scientific research has grown in the last decade revealing quite a list of profound healing properties of this extract. It has been found to have regenerative, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, antitumorial, and organ-protective effects.

The Brilliant Calendula Flower

Calendula flowers show off their antioxidant content with their deep red, orange and gold colors. The plants are a type of Marigold, commonly found in home gardens the world over. An oil infusion of the flowers, made by simply soaking the flowers in a "fixed" oil (like Almond or Jojoba oil) for up to several months. This infusion has been an exceptionally popular, if hard to come by, ingredient in skin care recipes, especially for infants and toddlers. Anyone prone to skin irritation would benefit from application of this very soothing oil. However, the infused oil has been generally difficult to find, and limits one to the oils included in any recipe. By using the Calendula essential oil in small concentrations, any carrier, with specific desired therapeutic properties can be used.

New Methods Offer Easy-To-Use Essential Oil

The Calendula essential oil concentrate is often labeled as Calendula CO2, meaning all the lipid-soluble components of the plant have been extracted using pressurized, liquified carbon dioxide. At the end of the process, the carbon dioxide is released and only the essential oil remains. A search through the data provided by the US Nation Library of Medicine uncovers hundreds of references to Calendula officinalis extract. The database is hosted at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov -- simply search for the therm "calendula" for pages of fascinating results to browse through.

A Summary of the Research

The research focuses on several of Calendula's healing properties. Scientists have investigated the following effects of Calendula: an increased rate of wound healing, treatment of radiation burns from chemotherapy, powerful antioxidant activity, inflammation reduction, liver protection, plus anti-parasitic, antibacterial, antiviral, antispasmodic and even anti-tumorial effects. Most of the conclusions of these studies straightforwardly hail the healing effects of Calendula; in Volume 20, 2009 Journal of Basic Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology, Indian scientists note "The data indicate potent wound healing activity of Calendula officinalis extract". Other researchers concluded in the 2009 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology: "Results suggest a protective role of the flower extract of C. officinalis against...hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity) and cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity (kidney toxicity)...has been found to contain several carotenoids of which lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene predominate...action of the flower extract may be due to its antioxidant activity". One can read a great many of these studies coming to the same conclusions -- that Calendula extract (ie. the CO2 essential oil) has nearly miraculous healing powers. So then, how to use it? Let's have a look at some classic methods.

Creating Recipes at Home with Calendula

The easiest uses of Calendula essential oil will be in externally-applied topical formulas. Simply include a few drops per ounce of your recipe. For example, an excellent wound-healing AND anti-inflammatory blend could be made with 3 milliliters of Helichrysum italicum essential oil (a profound wound-healing and pain relieving essential oil) and 1 milliliter Calendula essential oil in a base of equal parts Tamanu, Coconut and Rosehip seed oils. This would be useful for treatment of wounds after accidents or surgery (while it should not be applied directly to open wounds -- around the open area would be fine). A stronger formula would be useful for deep tissue injuries, like sports injuries, muscle strains, sprains and the like. Use up to 25% Helichrysum and 5% Calendula in a simple base of pure Jojoba oil, massaging into painful areas up to 3 times daily. This type of formula utilizes the strong anti-inflammatory action of Helichrysum along with the wound healing and antioxidant effects of Calendula to speed healing and relieve pain of connective-tissue damage. Calendula is safe for use with both children and the elderly, though the overall concentrations of these formulas should be reduced accordingly depending on the age group (there are many online references for essential oil concentrations with different age groups). Beyond wound healing, simply antioxidant activity in skin preparations will limit free-radical damage that is often associated with skin aging, making Calendula a great ingredient in every beauty-care recipe.

Organ Supportive Formulation

Topical therapeutic application may be best performed using the practice of reflexology. Calendula and other essential oils used for support of the liver and kidney can be massaged into the reflex points of the feet corresponding to these organs. These points are directly behind the ball of the foot (away from the toes, toward the arch) -- the liver point is in-line between the big toe and the second toe, the kidneys in-line with the split between the 4th and pinky toe. These areas can be massaged, with the practitioner and massage recipient communicating to find the exact points most in need of attention. An excellent detoxifying blend can be made with Calendula (10%), Helichrysum (3-5%), Blue Tansy (5%) and Carrot Seed (5%) in virgin Coconut oil. This same blend can be diluted in half again and applied on the body in the regions of the organs themselves.

Safe, Safe, Safe

Calendula essential oil has been listed by the FDA as being safe for ingestion in commonly-used amounts. What does this mean? When essential oils are ingested, they are typically consumed by the drop, and usually in the range of only 1-3 drops per day. Ingesting the oil may be a way to utilize the liver and kidney anti-toxicity protective effects described in the research. While typically essential oil ingestion is frowned upon in the United States, the real challenge is proper education about dosages. Calendula CO2 extract specifically should be quite tame, although perhaps the most tasty thing one has ever put in their body! Ingestion of 3 drops daily, put in an empty cellulose capsule if you like, may impart a range of benefits, from antioxidant activity, to chemo-protective, to antibacterial and antiparasitic potential actions.

Taking A Place with the Natural Medicine Essentials

The flowers of the Calendula plant have an exceptionally rich history of medicinal, therapeutic use -- backed by a large amount of scientific data. This data elucidates the mechanisms for the medicinal actions, and allows us to make better use of Calendula extract than ever before. Calendula essential oil has such a wide range of healing properties that it really deserves a place in everyone's natural home care kit. It is safe for use with children and elderly, and addresses many of their common ailments. The essential oil is exceptionally easy to use, and could even be blended into preparations you may already have on hand. For all its beauty (the flower) and its healing potential (the extract) Calendula officinalis is certainly worth a closer look. - 32001

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Things You Should know About How To Remove Scars

By Erwan Go

When we mention about how to remove scars, the internet is the best place to get the solution. There is plenty of information that we can find online like treatment for scars, how to remove acne scars, the best scar solution etc. In addition, you could possibly get data around scars hypertrophic and keloid. But before you buy any product online you need to ensure that it is the one you need since there are plenty of myths, rumors, biased product reviews in the scar removal area.

Some of the scar treatment products and remedies don't have a scientific backing and pure hype at all. Further skin ruin or even make worse of the scar sometimes can be happened.

When selecting topical products for daily application, you need very cautious as the skin is sensitive especially scar tissue. Tend not to waste your valuable time and make things even worse.

Here are a few remedies that must not be relied on for scar removal:

Onion Extract is a common scar removal product that is the primary ingredient in Mederma. But there isn't any medical studies proving its effectiveness at reducing scars. The only one study that demonstrating the usefulness of it is on a rabbit ear.

Vitamin E by plenty of people regard as the holy grail of scar treatment. But you will discover not many studies displaying that it does anything to remove the scar. The truth is one study showed that it did nothing or worsened scars in 90% of the people who used it! Be careful whenever taking advice from anyone on the internet.

In order to learn how to remove scars fast then the Scar Solution is what you need. The Scar Solution is a digital scar removal guide that tells you precisely, step by step the way to remove or eliminated just about any type of scar such as acne Scars, facial Scars, surgical Scars, scrape Scars, cut Scars, burns, stretch marks, etc.

The scar solution is the best quality product on how to remove scars and with guaranteed result. Every product, remedies and techniques in the guide are extensive tested, clinically backed and dermatologist approved to confirm performance. Check it out yourself, due to the fact this is the last scar removal product you will ever need. - 32001

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